2013 ACE Radio South West Games – Wrap Up meeting and Volunteer in Sport Awards

The final meeting for clubs participating in the South West Games for 2013 was held at the Killara Centre Camperdown on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  The meeting was a wrap up and progress report of evaluations to date as well as the annual Volunteer in Sport Awards.

Early Summary Staistics

The assembled clubs heard about the 70 events that were conducted and early summary of participation statistics.  Estimates of slightly more female participants (51%) and continuing high representation of 13 to 19 year olds (32%) as well as high participation by people with a disability (15%) and large numbers of spectators.  The final report is due early next year.

Volunteer in Sport Awards

The following people were recipients of Volunteer in Sport Award certificates having been nominated by their clubs in recognition of the work they had put in.

  • Geoff Kane                        Camperdown Junior Cycling
  • Trevor Spokes                    Camperdown Junior Cycling
  • Julie Cameron                    Camperdown Junior Cycling
  • Sue Ceechini                      Camperdown Junior Cycling
  • Bob Arnall                          Timboon Ballroom Dancing
  • Dot Arnall                           Timboon Ballroom Dancing
  • Frank Giblin                        Terang Croquet
  • Aileen O’Connor                 Terang Croquet
  • Norma Petrusch                  Terang Croquet
  • Megan Templeton              Terang Riding Develops Abilities
  • Viv White                            Terang Riding Develops Abilities
  • Ian McSween                      Terang Riding Develops Abilities

South West Sport congratulated those award recipients and recognised the value of all volunteers to sporting clubs. 

Thanks were expressed to the Corangamite Shire and in particular Recreation Officer Jarrod Woff, as well as Special Guest Sarah Wall and Patron Hugh Worrall for making this games a successful event. Jarrod congratulated the clubs on their efforts and reminded them of the expressions of interest for the Corangamite Recreation Give it Go! 21 February-16 March 2014

Event organisers Val Bertrand, Lyndsay Hill and Mark Taylor thanked all the clubs and looked forward to the next South West Games hosted by the Southern Grampians Shire in November 2014.