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Community Grants Program – Corangamite

The Corangamite Community Grants Program is OPEN!

The Corangamite Shire encourages organisations to submit an application to their community grants program. That way, when the restrictions on social gatherings are removed, activities can be held to connect people back with their communities. In addition, the financial impact on local businesses will be significant so these cash injections will provide stimulus for the local economy.

What types of things are funded through Community Grants?

The Community Grants Program supports community organisations wishing to present quality, innovative Shire-based activities, which enhance the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of our community. 

There are four categories of Community Grants available through the program:

  • Workshops and equipment purchases
  • Development of new community, leisure, cultural or recreational programs
  • Community events
  • Planning activities (e.g. business plans)

How do I apply?

Applications open on Wednesday 15 April 2020 and close at 5 pm on Monday 25 May 2020.

Important Information:

  • Funding is not available to individuals
  • Funding is offered on a $1 for $1 basis up to $1,000 to community groups in Corangamite Shire

For more information, or to apply now – click here.

Bank of Melbourne Foundation

Bank of Melbourne Foundation’s – Progress Grant Information


ROUND 2 Opens – 17th August, 2020

The Bank of Melbourne Foundation Community Grants supports charities who receive little or no government funding and aren’t big enough to generate significant fundraising income of their own.

These Bank of Melbourne Foundation Community Grants invest in projects that will improve the lives of Victorian communities. Charities may apply for grants of up to $50,000.

This is a new grant program that has been developed to further the Bank of Melbourne Foundation’s core purpose of supporting small community organisations working to improve the lives of those who are impacted by physical, social or economic disadvantage in Victoria.

The Progress Grant supports small organisations to create positive change and a sustainable impact on the community.

It aims to affect significant, long term social impact that comes from helping to improve the lives of children experiencing disadvantage in Victoria, and that would otherwise not be possible without ongoing funding support.

For more information, or to apply now – click here.

Project Grant’s Guidelines and FAQ’s 2020.

Resource of the Month – May

The Resource of the Month for May is our handy Grant Application Resource template, designed to assist clubs with writing successful grant applications.

If your club has a project in mind and is looking for funding from external sources – grants are a common way to get projects off the ground.

South West Sport have produced a Writing Successful Grants Webinar, giving your club an insight into the tips and tricks commonly used – resulting in a well-prepared application, with strong and dedicated backing and enabling a high likelihood of success.

Clubs should take the time to appropriately prepare for, and write a grant application. Good applications do take time!

Check out the Writing Successful Grants Webinar and Grant Application Resource which can be found here.

Talk to us if your club needs assistance or requires additional templates and resources.

Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World Grant

Sunsuper has community grants to give you the leg up, and a helping hand to make your dream a reality.

If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active community or support others to live better Sunsuper would like to hear about it.

With 3 categories:

  • Better Living – improves the lives or living standards of other Australians
  • Brighter Futures – empowering others to learn and earn to have a brighter future
  • Active Community – creating active and healthy communities across Australia

Who Could Benefit:         NFP Organisations, Community Cause or Charities
Funds Available:              A share of $150,000
Applications Due:            26 June, 2020

For more information, or to apply now – click here.

Moyne Shire Council Community Grants Program is OPEN!

Moyne Shire Council’s Community Grants Program aims to build stronger communities and deliver benefits to its residents and visitors. The Program assists to facilitate a self-help culture among community groups and encourage groups to work in partnership with the Moyne Shire Council to promote long-term outcomes that benefit the wider community.

The Moyne Shire Council is committed to supporting the development of strong communities and nurturing the ideas and local groups that make the shire a desirable destination to both live and visit. 

Funding opportunities are in place to champion and celebrate the Moyne Shire Council region.

Applicants should demonstrate in their application economic, visitor, social and environmental benefits of their project to the community and to Council. 

The Moyne Shire Council Community Grants applications must be for projects, festivals, events, equipment, programs or activities that will assist in the ongoing development or creation of sustainable programs and communities, and meet the needs of residents and visitors.

Community Grants Program Streams
Two grant streams are available – grant amounts quoted exclude GST:

Community Assistant Fund

  • Community Facilities – Operations and Equipment (Up to $20,000 per project).
  • Assistance to community groups for minor facility refurbishments and purchase of equipment that assists with the delivery of the service.
  • Community Programs and Initiatives (Up to $5,000).
  • Assistance to community groups for a broad range of project planning, services, activities or new initiatives.

Festival and Event Fund

Supplementary funding of up to $10,000 is available per event to assist in planning and or delivery of a range of community festivals and events held within the Shire. The Program recognises the valuable contribution that community organisations and local business make to the social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of Moyne.

Application Dates
Applications open: Saturday 4 April 2020 at 10:00am
Applications close: Monday 11 May 2020 at 10:00am

Funding is available for projects and events planned for August 1 2020 to July 31 2021.

Online Applications
All applications are to be made online via the electronic application form which is available here.

Policy of the Month – April

Our Policy of the Month for April is the Social Media Policy!

This month we look at why a Social Media Policy exists, and why every club should have one in place.

During the current pandemic, clubs are looking to social media to engage with their members now, possibly more than ever.

Clubs need to consider a strategy for social media, and tools such as calendars and policies will assist clubs in successfully engaging with members.

All clubs and associations should have a Social Media Policy that promotes guidelines for responsible social media use and outlines how offensive or discriminatory comments will be dealt with and disciplined if appropriate.

The real effect of a social media policy is to let all your members know their rights and responsibilities in any social media forum, including if they make comments or posts that contradict your club or association’s code of behaviour or conduct.

Where appropriate, clubs should check with their state/national body first, to see what they have in place.

Talk to us if your club needs assistance with a Social Media Policy or requires templates or resources.

Play by the Rules has a Social Media Policy template you can use as a starting point in developing your own Social Media Policy. 

You can download the Social Media Policy template.