2016 South West Sport Club Workshops

meetingClub Development Workshop Series

Based on feedback from our Club Survey, we are conducting a series of workshops across all 5 South West municipalities in the April/May. If your club would like to attend see the topics, dates and locations.  If there are any topics you would like to see in the future please contact us.



Workshop 1  Click here for dates and locations

The two critical tools for club committees

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Compliance Schedule

This workshop will look at the structure of a meeting agenda to reduce time, manage potential risks and to ensure a balance of reporting, monitoring and future planning

Workshop 2 Click Here for dates & locations

Club policies a must – but I just want to play sport!

  • Why do we need policies?
  • Making a start

Sometimes developing policies seems all too hard, but it isn’t until there is an incident that you realise how important it is to have a policy in place. Often making a start is the biggest barrier. This workshop discusses the importance of developing policies, provides a simple policy template and gets you on your way to your first policy.

Workshop timetable