Fair Play Code Workshops Prove Successful

South West Sport has been working closely with a number of local sporting clubs outlining the Fair Play Code, and the standards of behaviour expected for everyone involved in sport and recreation in Victoria.

South West Sport presented the Fair Play Code in Warrnambool and Portland in late 2019, and have since been working with seven Clubs based in the South West to assess their compliance with the Code.

These clubs have been working closely with their Boards to review, develop and adopt policies required by the Fair Play Code, and aligning these with other key club documents or policies. The clubs involved have proactively undertaken these tasks and have demonstrated knowledge gained from attending the Fair Play Code workshops.

Fair Play is everyone’s responsibility.

This work will result in improved governance structures and a club environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive.

It is vital that everyone involved in sport and recreation in Victoria is committed to the Fair Play Code standards, to help maintain the integrity of sport and recreation for the general good of the Victorian community.

It is important to note that state sporting associations and recreation bodies, leagues and clubs in Victoria must demonstrate adherence to, and enforcement of the Fair Play Code, to be eligible for existing and future funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

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