Membership is easy!


South West Sport is an incorporated association and we view membership as a means to achieve a representative body that reflects a broad cross-section of the region and sports.


We aim to use membership as a means of keeping our Club contacts up-to-date so that we can regularly provide opportunities, grants and development opportunities via direct mail outs, email or e-news.

Membership costs are LOW; less than one cup of coffee per month! We understand that being involved and/or running a Sports Club or organisation is costly so our price point reflects this. We want as many Clubs and organisations to be part of a regional voice without being cost prohibitive.

Members can contact us for advice and support regarding programming, partnerships, governance and MUCH, MUCH more! South West Sport advocates for sport at Regional, State and National forums; raising issues that our members raise.

Membership is also mandatory to participate in the South West Games.


There are two membership options available, renewable annually.

  • Club / Organisation annual fee: $35.00
  • Individual annual fee: $11.00