National Nutrition Week (13 – 19 October)

Did you know it is National Nutrition Week 2019 (13-19 October)? ????????????

This week is all about how to try for 5️⃣ serves of veg each day by embracing your food ‘waste’! ????????????????

Tryfor5 is an annual campaign powered by Nutrition Australia encouraging Australians to increase their vegetable consumption to the recommended five serves per day, launching each October during National Nutrition Week (where awareness is raised around the role of food on our health).

Despite the latest studies and recurring healthy eating messages only 4% of Australian’s are eating enough vegetables each day. The average person eats only half as much as they should, which is the inspiration behind Tryfor5.

Want to #tryfor5, save $$$ and the environment?

Our tip of the day is to eat more parts of your vegetables such as skins, stalks and leaves!

Check out the website for more information, recipes, competitions and more by clicking here!

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