National Sports Convention

In July, South West Sport was fortunate enough to attend the National Sports Convention in Melbourne.  With a diverse range of speakers, the event was well attended and plenty of discussion was had on the state of sport and physical activity.  Some takeaways from the conference for us included;

  • The perception that Australia is a sporting country could be a myth.
  • Australia has very low levels of physical activity, a trend that we are seeing around the globe.
  • There is some great work to combat this from the World Health Organisation and other countries, as well as the renewed focus from Sport Australia.
  • The conversation is about being physically active; sport is one way to be physically active.
  • Being physically active is intrinsically linked to whole-of-self health and wellbeing.
  • Innovative ideas to get people more active are everywhere.
  • Technology is not always the enemy; it can be a great influencer to get people moving.
  • It will take great effort from many industries to improve the health of our communities.