Play for Purpose – The Sports and Charity Raffle


Play For Purpose is Australia’s 100% not-for-profit community raffle. We partner with hundreds of ACNC registered charities and grassroots sporting clubs to help them fundraise.

Raffle tickets are just $10, with a guaranteed minimum of $5 directly supporting your chosen sporting club or charity. The rest helps fund prizes and the running of the raffle.

It’s the ultimate WIN-WIN raffle with every ticket also giving you the chance to win a first prize valued at $250,000 and other amazing prizes.

We have partnered with over a hundred Australian Charities and Sporting Clubs to help supercharge their fundraising efforts. It’s free for Charities and Clubs to join, and the more tickets sold means more funds raised for good causes around the country.

With Play For Purpose, you can play with confidence knowing that a minimum of 50% of your ticket contribution will directly support the Charity or Sporting Club that you choose. The remaining portion of ticket sales is used to fund the prizes in the raffle, fund bonus payments supporting other charitable causes, and to recoup some of the costs involved with running the raffle.   Play For Purpose is 100% not-for-profit.


Play For Purpose is conducted by the 50-50 Foundation and backed by Tabcorp Charitable Games.

Play For Purpose only partners with ACNC registered charities to boost fundraising for their cause. Play For Purpose has also partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to raise funds for club charitable sporting projects and is endorsed as a fundraising tool for sporting clubs by Sport Australia.