Policy of the Month – August, 2020

Our Policy of the Month for August is the Privacy Policy!

How often have you heard, “we can’t ‘cos of privacy”? The subject of privacy comes up a lot in community sport, and yet there is actually a lot of information that can be, and is meant to be, shared.

For example, disclosing an underlying medical condition could help key club personnel to save a life by sharing that information with paramedics.

So what information should be collected and shared?

OVIC – The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, is “an independent regulator with combined oversight of information access, information privacy, and data protection”. They set out how people’s information can be collected, secured, used and disclosed, accessed and corrected, and destroyed.

OVIC sets out 10 Privacy Principles that are at the core of privacy law in Victoria, and set out the minimum standards on how to manage personal information.

By having a Privacy Policy that is reflective of these principles, your club will have a better understanding on what it can and can’t do with member information.

Privacy Policy
– from ClubHelp
– from Business Victoria

Contact South West Sport if your club needs help with your Privacy Policy.