Policy of the Month – February

This month we are looking at Codes of Conducts!

Codes of conduct are an integral part of any sporting organisation. They set a standard of behaviour that help build a club’s culture and make it easier to deal with conduct and behaviour issues as they arise. These can be many and varied. Conduct is the way we behave. Our sports leaders should encourage all of our participants and provide them with positive experiences by promoting fair play and playing to the rules of the sport.

Club committees that are prepared and proactive can effectively manage issues. Issues can arise on a few different fronts. This may include behaviour on social media sites that you manage, or member behaviour, or even behaviour by others, directed at your club/members.

All clubs need policies in place to manage issues that arise. The purpose is to set out how you expect members to behave and how you will deal with issues that may arise. They also provide a framework on how to use and how to deal with issues. Samples (e.g. Policies & Procedures, Position Descriptions and Codes of Conduct).

Find guidelines and templates at Club Help or Play By The Rules.