Policy of the Month – June

Our Policy of the Month for June is the Health & Safety Policy!

This month we look at why a Health & Safety Policy exists, and why every club should have one in place.

The Health & Safety Policy is to provide a safe and healthy sporting club environment for players, spectators, volunteers, coaches and officials nd other personnel who are involved with the activates of your Sporting Club.

This policy encourages everyone to take a role in accident / incident prevention.

Sports Clubs need recognise their legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to prevent any sport related injury and illness.

Clubs need to be committed to providing safe places of sport that do not place the health and safety of any person at risk.

Your Club needs to foster a positive club cultures across their operations where safety is considered to be a core value, safe environment to play sport.

Talk to us if your club needs assistance with a Health & Safety Policy or requires templates or resources.

You can download the Health and Safety Policy template.

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