Policy of the Month – March

This month we are looking at Member Protection Policy!

Our Policy of the Month for March is the Member Protection Policy (MPP).

This month we look at why a Member Protection Policy (MPP) exists, and why every club should have one in place.

When was the last time your club looked at its Member Protection Policy?

The Member Protection Policy (MPP) is a core policy document for sports clubs and associations.

While many clubs and associations ‘default’ their MPP to their state or national body policy, you might want to develop your own MPP as all circumstances are different.

Talk to us if your club needs assistance with their Member Protection Policy or requires templates or resources.

The main objective of a Clubs Member Protection Policy (MPP) is to maintain responsible behaviour and the making of informed decisions by members and other participants in this club.

It outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.

The MPP informs everyone involved in the club of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are expected of them.

It also covers the care and protection of children participating in the club’s activities.

Find guidelines and templates at Club Help, your State Sporting Association or Play By The Rules.