Policy of the Month – October, 2020

The policy of the month for October is a very important one; an Inclusion Policy.

We often hear clubs say that they are inclusive, and that anyone is welcome at their club. But being an inclusive club is a lot more than that. Being an inclusive club means that everyone is able to comfortably be themselves and be an active part of your club, without fear of discrimination, harassment or bullying due to ability, gender, sex, ethnicity or age.

These fears are not unfounded; for example, many people obscure the fact that they may identify as LGBTIQA+ when in a sport setting due to homophobia that they may have experienced or witnessed*. It is up to us to ensure that our club is seen to be actively inclusive.

When our clubs represent the diversity in our communities, and actively include everyone, both the sport and community thrive.

The Club Help website has lots of inclusion examples and templates you can draw from and you may choose to participate in this “Diversity & Inclusion in Sport Forum” at 10am on Friday 23rd October.

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*80% of LGBTIQA+ people witnessed or experienced homophobia in sport, with 70% believing youth team sports are not safe or welcoming, and more than 75% partially hiding their sexuality due to fear of discrimination.  (Denison E, Kitchen A. (2015). Out on the Fields: The first international study on homophobia in sport. Nielsen, Bingham Cup Sydney 2014, Australian Sports Commission, Federation of Gay Games. www.outonthefields.com/)