Premium Performance

The “Water Boy” might have been onto something…waterboy

An appropriate hydration plan is one of the keys to putting in  a premium performance on the track, in the gym, or on game day.  To maximise your performance:
1.   Drink water regularly through the day, especially at meal times, to ensure you are well hydrated before exercising.
2.   Drink small amounts of water during exercise to avoid dehydration.
3.   Consume water with healthy carbohydrate and protein rich foods after exercise to help rehydrate and recover.

Sports Drinks – are they for you? banana

These drinks are formulated for use in specific circumstances.  For most of us, we are unlikely to receive the intended benefits from consuming these drinks; unless you’re putting in an hour of high intensity exercise.

Alternatively, you may choose to opt for water and a banana, which is a fantastic source of potassium and carbohydrates which assist in recovery.

Remember, every person is different with their own individual needs.  The following links may help in developing your own individual nutrition and hydration plans, or seek the help of a professional sports dietitian.