Club Policies

Sometimes developing policies seems all too hard, but it isn’t until there is an incident that you realise how important it is to have a policy in place.

Often making a start is the biggest hurdle;  what it needs to say, how should it be structured, and can you copy someone else’s?
These are all great questions that are discussed in the following presentation  – Policies

Some of the policies your club may look to consider can be found in this Policy Menu
There are lots of ways to structure your policy.  You may choose to use this Policy Manual Templates to get you started.

Policies of the Month

February, 2020 – Codes of Conduct
March, 2020 – Member Protection Policy
April, 2020 – Social Media Policy
May, 2020 – Child Safety Policy
June, 2020 – Health & Safety Policy
July, 2020 – Financial Management
August, 2020 – Privacy Policy
September, 2020 – Interacting with Children Guidelines
October, 2020 – Inclusion Policy