Healthy Clubs

Q:  What is a healthy club?

A:  A club that provide a culture of health, by focusing on AND off-field.

Check out the clubs in the video below, who took on the challenge to improve the health of their club.


Using resources from some of Australia’s leading sporting and health organisations, you can introduce, review, or refine some practices at your club.

“This seems like extra work. Why should my club do any of it?”

The real question here is “Why aren’t we already doing these things?”  These changes not only improve the health of your members, but it positions your club as a leader with a point of difference to other clubs.

“OK.  But where do we start?”

Focus on one thing.  What is one thing you can do to improve your club?

Check out the links below for ideas on where you can start to make a difference;

When did health become the focus for sports clubs?

More recently the focus has come from identified sporting trends.  Your club may be able to recruit more people by aligning these major trends with what your club offers to its members.  To better understand these trends, check out the two videos below.

By making some small changes now, you’ll join the 250 clubs around Victoria that have already started the journey to creating a healthier environment for their members.  The clubs found at the link HERE were the first in South West Victoria who sought to create Healthy Sporting Environments at their club.

Healthy Sporting Environments - an initiative of VicHealth