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What is a “Good Sports” club?GoodSports

Good Sports is a program for your club to ensure that it takes a responsible (and legal!) approach to the consumption of alcohol.

 We just want to have a beer.  What’s wrong with that?

Provided you are over 18 years of age and your club has a permit or licence to allow for alcohol to be sold or consumed at the club; nothing.  Sport and alcohol have been in a long standing relationship and has been celebrated in Australian sport in particular.  The issue starts when alcohol becomes all consuming for the club, detracts from the sport, and stops people from wanting to be at the club.  Good Sports isn’t about eliminating alcohol from clubs, but just making sure it isn’t the dominant factor at the club.

So what does Good Sports do for my club?

A Good Sports Project Officer will visit your club to help work through three levels of accreditation.  Each level will help ensure your club meets its legal obligations, and over time, turn the attention away from alcohol as the primary reason for social events and fundraising.  The benefit of this is that it enhances your club image and makes for a more inviting place for families to be.  Check out the video below for the dramatic impact Good Sports has had on at least three different sports clubs (and steal some of their ideas while you’re at it!).

We don’t even have alcohol at our club.  What’s the good of Good Sports for us?

Good Sports has a Level 0 for clubs in this position.  Whilst Level 0 clubs have alcohol free facilities, it is recognised that they may still have events at a licensed premises.  By achieving Level 0 accreditation, your club will know how to look after its members through Safe Transport and Alcohol Management Policies.

For further information…

Visit the Good Sports website to learn more and to sign your club up today!

Healthy Sporting Environments - an initiative of VicHealth

Resources: Australian Drug Foundation (GoodSports)