Going Smokefree

Why go smokefree?

North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie talks about going smokefree in the video below.

Tobacco smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and illness in Victoria, costing $5 billion and taking 4000 lives each year. By becoming a smokefree club, these numbers can be drastically reduced.

Clubs in Warrnambool have had to adjust to local laws banning smoking at outdoor sports grounds as shown in this video.

How do we do it?

Quit Victoria has developed resources to help you go smokefree.

What if we don’t want to become smokefree?

Even if you don’t want to become 100% smokefree at all times, the Tobacco Reform Act may still impact your club.  QUIT’s guide will help you navigate through your obligations.  Further information on the Tobacco Reform Act can be found HERE

What issues might we face?


Club committees may be challenged about going smokefree.  Consider a club survey to uncover attitudes towards smoking at the club.


Going smokefree is a cultural change within our society.  A friendly approach should always be taken when asking someone to refrain from smoking at your club.

Visiting Teams or other user groups

Once your club has adopted a policy, you should ensure that all members know, send it to your local Council’s Recreation Manager, other tenants at your venue, and your League to forward on to other clubs so that it is adhered to for your home games.

What about signage?

Many clubs are unable to afford signage at their venue and some may not have clubrooms to put up signs.  You can promote your policy in many ways such as club newsletters, verbally before training or an event, or on your club website and social media pages.  QUIT has a Resource Order Form which you may find useful, with some items available for FREE for Victorian based clubs.

Healthy Sporting Environments - an initiative of VicHealth
Resources: Cancer Council Victoria (QUIT)