Providing Healthy Eating Options

Healthy Eating Options

Have you ever gone to buy something to eat from the canteen, but your only choice is between fried foods, lollies, and sugary drinks? ┬áSometimes it’s little wonder Australian obesity levels are headed the same as the US (see below video).

That said, the aim of this discussion is to provide choices – to strike the balance of healthy food (GREEN), less healthy food (AMBER), and junk food (RED) that is on offer.

Realistically, not all clubs are expected to provide 100% GREEN foods.  There are lots of factors that prevent this such as volunteer time, finances, available kitchen space and club size.

However clubs should take the a long term view of offering 50% GREEN food and drink items, 30% AMBER, and 20% RED.  Even if your club doesn’t have a canteen, you can still show a commitment to the health of your members at club dinners, social events and end of year functions.

The video below describes one club’s journey in providing healthier options at their club.

To make the change today, you may like to review either of the following two resources Healthy choices policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres or Healthy Choices Guidelines.

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