Club Development

Funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria, the Club development (Regional Sport & Recreation Program) assists local communities to provide quality and inclusive opportunities for involvement through sport and recreation.

The key objectives of the program are:

  • To strengthen the capacity of grassroots sport and recreation organisations to operate in a robust fashion and deliver quality opportunities for participation.
  • To increase the quality and availability of information about local sport and recreation issues, infrastructure and opportunities.
  • To enhance networks between grassroots sport and recreation organisations and other key stakeholders in the community to ensure that sport and recreation services address local community needs and issues.
  • To increase opportunities for the activities of statewide organisations to be delivered at a local level.

South West Sport coordinates and participates in club development information sessions & funding forums throughout the year and provides a monthly newsletter to keep clubs informed of opportunities and developments.

Club Workshops – South West Sport runs Club Workshops regularly throughout the year.

Club Surveys – This survey makes South West Sport aware of development  issues at your club that we can help with.

Club Help  – is an online resource center for volunteers in sport and recreation clubs to assist with all aspects of running a successful club.

Volunteer Exchange: For Clubs and individuals – This page will list clubs that are looking for volunteers to help with events as well as individuals who have nominated to help.