Canteen Water Trial


2 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 adolescents in Australia are classed as overweight or obese1.  Sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) can have up to 16 teaspoons of sugar per bottle which is well above the recommended daily amount2.

Facts about sugary drinks

Facts about sugary drinks. Click image to enlarge.

South West Sport is looking to increase sales of water by making small changes that can have a big impact on people’s health.

We would like your club canteen or sports facility to trial changes in how water is promoted and sold at the venue.

You determine the change and we’ll support you to make it happen!

Trial outline:

Period 1 – No change to canteen:  record base line sales.

Period 2 – A change is made to the canteen display:  record sales.

Period 3 – Optional (but encouraged!).  Another change is made to increase water sales (marketing                    material, price changes, stock availability, sponsorship):  record sales.

To find out more please contact South West Sport via the contact form or the office phone number found HERE.


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2.  World Health Organisation (2015) Guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children, Geneva