Quit Smokefree Sports



Why go smokefree?

The club: Going smokefree is one of the healthiest messages a sporting club can share with its community. Outdoor smokefree areas encourage a healthy, family friendly environment, and will also ensure that you are complying with State and possibly Local Laws (ie. smoking is not permitted at Warrnambool City Council sports grounds).

The player: Smoking kills 4,000 Victorians every year.  Not only does smoking limit your lung capacity and thus your performance, it can also lead to cancers, heart disease, strokes, and more.

The spectator: It is against the law to smoke within 10 metres of playing area whilst attending junior sport and in Warrnambool unlawful to smoke at any Council sporting ground.  By refraining from smoking, you help create a healthier and more pleasant environment for those around you, and help denormalise smoking for younger people.

QUIT can help your club go smokefree – http://www.quit.org.au/sporting-groups/