Resource of the Month – March

Resource of the Month for March is the Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) position description (PD).

Why does this role need to exist within our clubs?
A Member Protection Information Officer provides confidential, impartial and timely information and support to the club or individual. A MPIO ensures that everyone involved is aware of their rights and responsibilities and works alongside the policies and procedures to ensure a fair and inclusive environment at your club.

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Purpose of Role (Why does this role exist?) – The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) provides information and guidance on complaints procedures, they are the ‘go to’ person for members who want to discuss problems at their club, particularly if they are considering making a formal complaint.

MPIOs play a key role in ensuring (sport) is safe, fair and inclusive. MPIOs do this through ensuring club people and administrators know their rights and responsibilities and ensuring policies that focus on member protection are being implemented. Such policies may include but are not limited to the complaints policy and procedures, child protection policies, harassment and discrimination policies.

MPIO’s are trained to be the first point of call for any concerns, queries or complaints regarding the following issues:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Child Protection
  • Abuse
  • Victimisation
  • Other harmful or inappropriate behaviour

What DO Member Protection Information Officers do?

  • Listen.
  • Act as an impartial support person.
  • Provide information about discrimination, harassment and child abuse.
  • Provide information about the Member Protection Policy and the options available to resolve the complaint.
  • Provide information about relevant laws and the right to complain externally.
  • Understand and follow club policies and procedures in relation to Member Protection.
  • Provide contact details for counselling or other referrals as appropriate or as requested.

What DON’T Member Protection Information Officers Do?

  • Give advice on what the complainant should do.
  • Take sides or judge.
  • Offer to counsel the complainant.
  • Intervene in the complaint.
  • Investigate the complaint.
  • Breach confidentiality.
  • Offer to be an advocate on the complainant’s behalf.

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