Setting Your Own Club Culture

A mum who had recently moved to town was asking around for a really good club for their child to join.  The child was still in Primary School, and given they had only just moved to town, they hadn’t made any strong friendships just yet.

This begs the question; “What is a ‘really good club’?”  Depending on what you’re looking for in a club, the answer can vary considerably.

But why leave it to chance?

Whilst we can’t always have on-field success, clubs can take control of the behaviours and actions they are willing to accept at their club.  This can be found formally through written policies and Codes of Conduct, and also through the demonstrated behaviours of club members such as calling out homophobia, sexism and racism.  These are the minimum standards we expect in our community, and therefore should be expected within a club environment.

One club who takes their culture very seriously, are the Bushrangers Basketball.  They have purposefully aimed to create a safe and inviting space for prospective members, and have found innovative ways to bring their Code of Conduct to life.

When was the last time you considered the culture you’re allowing at your club?