2021 South West Games

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South West Sport is excited to announce the return of the South West Games. The 2021 edition of the South West Games will take place with the theme of ‘Sports and Physical Activation’ in a COVID Safe environment from the 20th to 28th November. 

The 2021 South West Games aims to re-activate sport and active recreational opportunities for the communities in South West Victoria. Additionally, local clubs can use the Games to welcome new members, displaying the essence of the sport through social modified style activities or come and try sessions. 

We don’t need to tell you that the past 18 months have been challenging. Sport has been heavily disrupted and we want to give everyone a reason to get moving again! Working towards the guidelines set out in the Victorian Government Roadmap, we believe the 2021 South West Games will enable local sporting clubs and businesses to re-activate sport and recreation activities for community members in a diverse, inclusive and safe environment. 

Please note, whilst we encourage sporting codes to look at social modified or come and try style activities, a traditional competitive match or game can still be organised, as long as the activity can take place within Victorian Government guidelines in November.

We encourage clubs to use booking systems where possible to adhere to capacity limits and consider running multiple sessions for smaller groups to increase participation opportunities.  
We hope that you will be part of the South West Games in 2021.

Watch this space for more information, or follow the South West Games Facebook page for updates.


By Participating in the South West Games, the host sport organisers / participants (including players / officials / administrators/volunteers/spectators):

1. Acknowledge that insurance is not the responsibility of South West Sport and that host sport organisers / participants (including players / officials / administrators / volunteers / spectators) are responsible for their own insurance coverage and should confirm insurance status with their team / Club / the host sport organisers / State Sporting Association / National Sporting Association or relevant body prior to participating.

2. Agree to South West Sport using images / footage of any player / official / administrator / volunteer / spectator for promotion and marketing purposes unless otherwise specified by an individual.

3. Agree that South West Sport and its volunteers, staff, members and agents shall be released from, and shall not incur, any responsibility whatsoever for any accident or injury to individuals or for any damage to or loss of property of the:

  • Host sport organisers
  • Clubs / teams
  • Participants (players / officials / administrators / volunteers / spectators)

4. Acknowledge that South West Sport is purely the coordinator of the promotion and marketing of the South West Games. All responsibilities arising from the conduct of each sports event or activity lies with the host sporting club or organisation.