South West Sport Individual Recreation Program

AAA boccia and wheelie challenge 124

The Individual Recreation Program supports individuals with a disability to access the community sport and recreation option of their choice and supports sport and recreation providers to welcome and include people with a disability into their club or activity.


  • An individual with a disability identifies an interest in accessing community sport or recreation and contacts South West Sport for assistance
  • South West Sport provides a Facilitator to help link individuals with community clubs or organisations
  • The Facilitator sources a Provider and assesses their readiness to welcome and include the Participant
  • The Facilitator attends with the Participant for an agreed number of sessions to  monitor their initial progress, identify any inclusion or access issues and develop strategies to address them
  • Once the Participant and Provider are happy and confident the Facilitator stops attending
  • The Facilitator conducts a three month review with each Participant to determine if they are still involved, if not, why not, and to assist them to return to the activity or to find an alternative

There is no cost to the Participant or the Recreation Provider, however, the Facilitator does not provide transport or carer support

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