#SouthWestMoves Virtual Challenge

Presented by: South West Sport, Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation, Portland SEA Change, Portland YMCA, & Hands Up Casterton

Supported by Southern Grampians Shire, Corangamite Shire, Glenelg Shire, GenR8 Change, VicHealth, Belfast Aquatics

The September South West Moves Challenge has finished, but we encourage you to keep active, join the South West Sport Strava club, and keep “drawing”!
We will be notifying the winners of prizes in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out some of the creative images below!

Virtual events and challenges are a great way to get active. For our September Virtual Challenge, we want to see who can “draw” the most creative image by moving around their neighbourhood!

PLUS, if you register online, we’ll have prizes for the most creative images as judged by our presenting partners organisations!

Up for grabs from our generous partners include*;

A Fitness Tracker

From the Glenelg Shire, a Fit Bit Inspire to help keep track of your future activities!

Gym Memberships

A HILAC Bronze Membership: 12 month single person membership with thanks to Southern Grampians Shire

3x Portland YMCA 3 Month Gym Membership:  3 month single person membership with access to pool, gym and some classes with thanks to Portland YMCA

3x  Timboon Gym 3 Month Gym Memberships:  3 months single person gym membership with thanks to Corangamite Shire.

Learn To Swim Lessons

Summer Learn To Swim lessons available in Casterton, Heywood and Merino with thanks to the Portland YMCA.

Tours of Budj Bim

Enjoy a guided tour of the World Heritage listed Budj Bim, with thanks to Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation

Casual Swim Pass

A HILAC 10 Visit Aquatic Pass:  Entitles the winner to 10 visits to the HILAC pool (does not include aqua classes).  Donated by the Southern Grampians Shire .

A Belfast Aquatic 10 Casual Swim Pass.  Donated by Belfast Aquatics

Runner Uses The Streets As His Canvas, Maps Out Artistic Designs ...
Some of the creative images you may be able to “draw”!

Drawing an image

How do I draw an image?

By using a fitness tracker, which will track and "draw" the circuit you have just walked/run/ridden/swam via its inbuilt GPS. This image can be uploaded to social media or via an app such as Strava which we are encouraging you to use for this challenge!
With a little forethought, you can "draw" a shape or picture for us to admire!

How do I plan to walk/draw an image?

You may choose to go "freestyle", use Google Maps (or a paper map!), or try an app like "Trace" to pre-plan your route. Be mindful of how big you make your picture - remember, you need to complete the route for your picture to work the way you would like!

Here's a great video from South West Moves supporters, GenR8 Change, which may help you: https://youtu.be/kk501dPgNy8

Have fun with your "drawing" but note that any images that are deemed offensive or inappropriate will be removed and you will be removed from the group.

Can I do more than one picture?

Absolutely!  You can enter as many times as you like!  In fact, the more pictures you submit, the better!  When you join the South West Sport club on Strava, each of your drawings will be uploaded to the group!
(See below for details on Strava)

strava-logo-png-4 – Bike Walk Wichita

About Strava

What's Strava?

Strava is a great fitness tracker app that is FREE and pretty easy to use. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to join in the fun!

How do I join Strava?

1. Download the Strava app from your app store (App Store for iPhones, and Google Play for Android devices), or head to the Strava website. If using an iPhone, you may need to know your Apple ID details.

2. Open the app to create an account. You can create a whole new account, or simply connect via your Facebook account and confirm your details.(Press "Skip" or ignore any prompts for paid membership).

As a new Strava user, you will be prompted to enter some basic information about yourself. You may be able to skip some questions.

3. Join the Club!
Click on "Explore" (bottom left on the app, or up the top on the website)
Click on "Clubs"
Search for "South West Sport" and click '+' to join!

Okay, now what? How do I use Strava on my walk?

You may find it useful to map your route out first via Google Maps.

When you're ready, record using the Strava app on your phone:
Tap the Record tab (middle bottom of the screen) and then hit Start. After your route is complete, Stop recording and hit Save. The GPS on your phone will record the data and upload it.

OR record using a Fitness tracker:  If you have a GPS watch, you will need to connect it to your Strava account. This can be done via the website or the app.

  • Via the Website: On the website, choose the plus sign, then click Upload activity. You will see a list of available brands to connect with your Strava account.
  • Via the App: Go to Settings, then Applications, Services and Devices (or look for “Link Other Services”), then Connect a device to Strava. This will automatically upload your route after you save the activity to your watch.

The most impressive Strava GPS drawings we've seen so far

Challenge Details

Do I have to register?

By completing a registration form, you will help us create a better offering in future, plus become eligible to win prizes!

When does the challenge start?

We are running this Virtual Challenge throughout the Victorian School Holidays (19th September - 4th October), where you can run, walk, swim or cycle as many pictures as you can.

Where can I participate?

Under the current Covid-19 Restrictions, we are discouraging travel for exercise that is more than 30 minutes from your home.
Otherwise the choice is yours*!

*Please adhere to your local rules & regulations and check the DHHS website for the latest details.

How much does this cost?

Entry is FREE!  Strava is FREE!

Jogger Turns Running Routes Into Fun Animal Artwork Using A GPS ...

Other FAQs

What if I don't want Strava, or I use another app?

That's fine!  We'd love to see any screenshots from other apps, or simply some photos of you being active!  You can send these to the Facebook Event, and post it to our social media using the hashtag #SouthWestMoves.  Your mobile phone may already have a pre-loaded fitness activity tracker if you do not wish to download Strava.

My social media and Strava account are private.

If you have a private account that’s fine! Just make sure you inbox or email us your activity!

Why doesn't my activity show on the South West Sport club leaderboard in Strava?

This challenge is just for fun so we are not worried about the leaderboard, and you shouldn't either! The reason it isn't showing is possibly because you walked your route. Strava does not currently add walks to leaderboards. Your activity will still show up under the club's "Activity", and that's all we want to see!

How do I get back to the South West Sport club on Strava?

Your clubs will be listed under your "Profile". Click on South West Sport, then "Activity" to see what people have been drawing.

Safety Statement:

  • All participants of the virtual challenge must adhere to all laws, regulations, and restrictions that may affect the area in which they live. This may include, but is not limited to, avoiding public spaces, wearing masks, keeping a 1.5m distance from a person or being in complete lockdown.⁠
  • All participants must consider their personal safety, especially in regard to road rules, watching where they are going and being aware of their surroundings, the time of day, weather conditions, location of their activity, and whether they participate alone or with a friend.
  • Strava is a physical activity tracking app. If you commence an activity from your home, be aware that this may indicate where you live.
  • Parents must consider whether Strava and the associated activities are suitable for participants under 18 years of age.
  • Strava is a third party provider of the app and collection of data is in line with their Privacy Policy.
  • Strava’s legal documents can be found HERE

If you require further assistance, please contact South West Sport HERE

*The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes are not transferable to other parties. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, terms and conditions for service provision prizes including value, allocation and timing is at the discretion of the supplier and is subject to change.