Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World Grant

Sunsuper has community grants to give you the leg up, and a helping hand to make your dream a reality.

If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active community or support others to live better Sunsuper would like to hear about it.

With 3 categories:

  • Better Living – improves the lives or living standards of other Australians
  • Brighter Futures – empowering others to learn and earn to have a brighter future
  • Active Community – creating active and healthy communities across Australia

Who Could Benefit:         NFP Organisations, Community Cause or Charities
Funds Available:              A share of $150,000
Applications Due:            26 June, 2020

For more information, or to apply now – click here.