Tackling the Stigma Webinar

Sport and active recreation plays a central role in Australian culture, and this is evident in participation numbers across the country. In 2019, 82.5% of adults participated in sport or physical activity. (Source)

We are all aware that participation in sport results in direct benefits for physical and mental health.

Community sporting clubs, associations, and leagues play a vital role in the provision of additional indirect benefits via the social connection and engagement afforded to their members.

In a time where restrictions have meant that clubs cannot operate in the same way we are used to, this is bound to impact members in different ways.

⚠️???? Set some time aside on Friday 29th May at 7:00pm.

We are going to be joined by Dr Jodie Fleming (The Psychology of It), Linda Holland (Lifeline) and John Parkinson (South West Healthcare) to discuss the relationship between sport and mental health. ????️‍♂️????‍♀️

????‍♀️ There are a multitude of mental health benefits obtained by participating in sport and active recreation. ????

This event will be streamed via the South West Sport Facebook page.

A recorded copy of the session will be posted here following the session.

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