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2021 South West Games – Warrnambool & District Hockey: Social Hockey Sixers

Hockey Sixers is a fun and social form of the game. Only 6 teammates on the field at a time, 1/4 of the field, 3 x 13 minute periods and simple rules.

We encourage you to register here before the day, but pop on up, have a go and see what you think.

 We’ll provide the stick if you don’t have your own old one in the cupboard too.

Hockey Sixers is fast, fun, free-flowing hockey. Get social, grab your friends and head on up. Playing on a smaller pitch means more touches, and that means more fun.

2021 South West Games

The 2021 edition of the South West Games will take place with the theme of ‘Sports and Physical Activation’ in a COVID Safe environment from the 20th to 28th November.

The 2021 South West Games aims to re-activate sport and active recreational opportunities for the communities in South West Victoria. Additionally, local clubs can use the Games to welcome new members, displaying the essence of the sport through social modified style activities or come and try sessions.