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South West Sport and AFL Western District Partner Project

With support from the Victorian Government Work for Victoria scheme, South West Sport and AFL Western District have worked in partnership to undertake a research project to identify appropriate technology systems or online platform functionality that enables improved organisational efficiency, governance and compliance for AFL leagues and grassroots clubs. The project explored club governance and administration, researching best practices for sports clubs, documentation and resources required for statutory compliance, and how clubs could utilise technology to streamline administration, aid succession planning, avoid volunteer administration fatigue, and save volunteers time.

 The information gathered was valuable to our organisation because it complements data identified from our recent club survey. Respondents were concerned and inundated by administration tasks and the expectation to run as a small business. Within our survey, forty-nine per cent of respondents noted that they did not have a centralised administration process for their clubs. Sixty-eight per cent of respondents also requested help with governance, administration and how to avoid volunteer burnout.

 Continuing this research will maximise understanding and validity of appropriate resources, partnerships, future design and commercialisation of platforms, and how future partnerships will continue to support volunteers and grassroots sporting clubs. We look forward to the outcomes of additional research conducted.

In the meantime, the South West Sport team are here to support and guide clubs. Our ongoing annual surveys will continue to feature questions around how clubs use technology to support their operations. Based on these surveys, conversations with clubs and ongoing work with AFL Western District South West Sport will be able to assist clubs seeking support with such programs and identify best-fit platforms.