Try a Virtual Challenge to stay active!

As Victoria continues to be impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, South West Sport is encouraging our communities to stay active (or maybe get more active) by exploring Virtual Challenges!

What is a Virtual Challenge?

A Virtual Challenge is an online organised activity that sets out the parameters to participate in an event or activity.

What do I have to do?

The activity could be any combination of running, walking, swimming or cycling, and could be over a variety of distances (including setting your own). This is usually, but not always, monitored via your fitness tracker or an associated app.

Is there any cost?

Some Virtual Challenges will be linked to fundraising for a charity or cause, whilst others are just for fun.

Whilst Virtual Challenges are often free, some organisers will have a fee.

How do I get involved?

South West Sport has put together a collection of Virtual Challenges that are coming up over the next few months, as well as those activities you can do at any time. You can find the list HERE

Please ensure you participate safely; adhering to any and all laws and restrictions in place, whilst maintaining awareness of your surroundings.