Updating your Clubs Constitutions – Workshop Resources

Resources used for the Updating your Constitution Workshop.

Consumer Affairs

– Reasons for having rules
– Statement of purposes
– Model rules versus own rules
– Model rules (word version)
– Own rules
– Changing the rules

Matter for your own rules: – https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/clubs-and-not-for-profits/incorporated-associations/running-an-incorporated-association/rules/own-rules/matters-for-own-rules

Search for an incorporated Association: –  https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/clubs-and-not-for-profits/incorporated-associations/search-for-an-incorporated-association

Find out some details about your own association

Justice Connect

Not for Profit Information Hub – http://www.nfplaw.org.au/
Information on Constitutions and Rules http://www.nfplaw.org.au/constitution
– Changes to an organisations Constitution or Rules (pdf)
– Fact Sheet – Updating your rules (pdf)
– PilchConnect Rules Checklist (pdf)
– Simple Rules (form at the bottom of the page – word version)