Water and Sewerage Scheme Rebate (VIC)

Water and Sewerage Scheme Rebate (VIC)

What is the rebate scheme?

The State Government funds a rebate of up to $260 a year to eligible community service organisations on the fixed service charge component of their water bill issued by their water authority.

A rebate will be allowed to eligible organisations for individual properties, provided the predominant activity at the property falls within one of these categories.

This will apply whether the organisation owns the property or not.

Rebates may also be available to individuals provided that they are the owners of the property used predominantly by an eligible organisation.

Who is eligible? 

A rebate is available for not-for-profit organisations throughout Victoria that serve the community in the fields of:

  • Education.
  • Hospitals or nursing care.
  • Religious worship.
  • Charity.
  • Outdoor sporting or recreation activities.
  • War veteran’s organisations.

For more information, guidelines or to apply – click here.